Corrosion resistance and machinability

Easily machining stainless steel has up to now meant losing corrosion resistance due to the use of elements such as sulphur or selenium to improving the cutting ability. The situation has changed with the arrival of the MECAMAX technology.

MECAMAX  is used to improve the machining response of each of the steels, without losing the other properties particularly their corrosion resistance and their mechanical properties.

A rigorous control of the sulphur content, together with obtaining inclusions to facilitate the machining process, allow a better response to the machining, while guaranteeing the base steel and compliance of the applicable standards, both from the point of view of the application and from hygiene or environmental aspects.

This improvement solely implies acting on the inclusions and not on the base composition of the steel. That also maintains the chemical analysis specified for the stainless steel in question. Therefore, it maintains the weldability, corrosion resistance, cold and hot formability, along with the mechanical characteristics of the base steel.