Quality system

Serving our customers

The satisfaction of our customers and their end consumers when using stainless steel manufactured by OLARRA is a source of pride. Every day, it encourages us on to improve the performance of our steels.

From designing the ideal chemical composition and the heat treatment, to checking the final characteristics by means of comprehensive laboratory tests, our work is always focused on meeting each customer’s personal requirements.

That effort is welcomed by our customers and has made OLARRA an essential supplier in the most demanding sectors, including the chemical, petrochemical, hospital, household appliances and shipbuilding sectors, to name a few

The integrated management policy and the equality and respect policy are openly available, upon request.


A leading company in stainless steels

Quality and flexibility have positioned OLARRA as the leading national producer of long products and among the top worldwide. The company enjoys prestige and standing on the main international markets. At present, our products are exported to Europe’s most developed countries, Asia and Northamerica.


A professional focus

In each phase of the process, the OLARRA team monitors the product from receipt and studying the order to checking the end product and its delivery to the customer. A professional approach that guarantees our customers a quality product, tailored to their needs and timeline. A focus that makes OLARRA a reliable partner in the supply of stainless steels.


A continuous process control

Throughout the process, our control systems ensure optimal quality of the product. The automated facilities overseen by experience professionals guarantee continuous monitoring that affect the product quality.

The refining of the steel in the AOD converter and the solidification process in the horizontal continuous casting are meticulously monitored to guarantee an optimal steel quality. The heating of the bars in the hot rolling and the heat treatments are constantly supervised and logged to ensure the requested mechanical properties are met. A laboratory fitted with the most modern testing and analysis equipment certifies the quality of the product throughout the process.