Waste treatment


As part of its commitment to environmental management, Aceros Inoxidables Olarra ensures optimum treatment of all the waste generated during the manufacturing process. Whenever possible, it focuses on a circular economy that allows savings in the use of the natural resources. In the steel production process, all the waste from processing the steel is recycled and reintroduced into the production cycle. This work model is different from any traditional linear economic model, characterised by continued use of virgin raw material and high waste production.

Aceros Inoxidables Olarra’s environmental strategy includes maximising reuse, refurbishing and recycling of existing materials and products, which implies minimising waste production and limits consumption of “new” raw materials. Therefore, Aceros Inoxidables Olarra’s operations seek to guarantee the balance between economic growth and caring for the environment: reducing consumption of virgin raw materials, the amounts of waste sent for disposal and greenhouse gas emissions.