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Information and terms & conditions of use

Legal Information

Article 10 of the E-commerce and Information Society Services Act 34/2002, of 11 July, establishes the obligation for all information society service providers to offer the resources for recipients of the service and also official authorities to have permanent, easy, direct and free access by electronic means to certain information that we provide in this section.

Details of the owner of the website:

Tax number: A48663546
Registered office: Calle Larrabarri, nº 1
Registration details: ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A. is registered in the Vizcaya Trade Registry, in Volume 3298, Book 0, Folio 170, Page BI-5762-A, 1st Entry.

Terms & Conditions to use the website:

By using the website, the user is understood to have read, understood and accepted in fully and unreservedly this legal notice, the terms and condition of use, the privacy policy and other notices or instructions that appear on this website. The user likewise undertakes to use the website correctly in accordance with the law, public decency and public order.

If the user does not agree, s/he shall abstain from using the website.

ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A hereby reserves the right to amend at any time the content, information and terms of this website, of these terms & conditions of use, privacy policies and other legal notices. In that case, we will inform users through the website.

There may be links on the website to other third-party websites or pages, even though ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A. does not assume any liability in that regard as it has no type of control over them. Therefore, users access under their sole responsibility both the content that those sites offer and their terms and conditions of use.

Copyright and intellectual property

The user recognises and accepts that all the trade marks, commercial names or distinctive signs, all intellectual and industrial property rights, and/or any other elements inserted in this website, are the exclusive property of ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A and/or third parties, which hold the exclusive right to use them in the course of trade.

Under no circumstances does access to the website imply any kind of waiver, transmission, licence or total or partial assignment of those rights, unless otherwise expressly established.

Pursuant to what is established in the above paragraph, users of this website may not reproduce, copy, assign, distribute, modify or use in any other way, whether totally or partially, the information and content of this website without the prior written authorisation of ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A.

The content of this website may not be reproduced either totally or partially, or transmitted or recorded by any information retrieval system in any form or by any means, unless they have the prior written authorisation of the aforementioned company.

ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A is the owner of the elements that make up the graphic design of its website, the menus, the HTML code, the texts, brands, logotypes, colour combinations, buttons, images, graphics and any other content of the website, along with the structure, selection, organisation and presentation of its content or, in any event, is duly authorised to use those elements.

Therefore, the user hereby undertakes to use this website, its contents and services diligently and correctly, in accordance with the law, public decency, good practices and customs, public order, good faith and these general terms and conditions of use, while scrupulously respecting the intellectual property rights of ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A.

The user is expressly prohibited from using the website for purposes that are unlawful, banned or which are detrimental to the rights of third parties or which may, in any way, damage the brand, image or reputation of ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A.

The user shall be liable for any type of damage and losses that ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A may suffer as the result of the breach of any of the obligations to which the user is bound pursuant to these terms and conditions that are applicable. ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A hereby reserves the right to take the appropriate legal actions to defend its rights.

Personal data protection

The website gathers personal data through different channels, whether using the contact form or by means of the email address set up to contact us.

Such data shall be processed in accordance with personal data protection legislation currently in force and with the privacy policy published on this website that users should read prior to providing their data. In any event, a clause for information purposes on data processing appears on the form used to gather personal data.

Commercial Communications

Pursuant to the E-commerce and Information Society Services Act 34/2002, of 11 July, and to the Measures to Promote the Information Act 56/2007, of 28 December, amending the former, the users of the website are hereby informed that they shall not be sent advertising or commercial communications by email or other equivalent means of electronic communication without their prior request or consent, which shall be obtained using the relevant forms proposed for that purpose.

In any event, users may object to or revoke their consent to receive commercial information electronically by sending an email to, with this option being facilitated in each communication sent out.

Liability of the website owner

ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A. does not guarantee the absence of viruses or of other elements in the content of the website. It therefore shall not be held liable for any damage to the equipment or systems of the users from possible computer viruses that could have been contracted from the user browsing the website.

Similarly, the owner of the website does not control or guarantee continued access, or the correct displaying, downloading or utility of the elements and information contained on its website, which may be impeded, hindered or interrupted by factors or circumstances that are outside its control and the owner shall not be held liable in the case of interruptions to the service, delays or malfunctioning, when they are due to causes outside the control of ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A., due to force majeure, or to negligent or wilful misconduct by the user.

ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A shall not assume any liability for the information that may exist about us on third-party websites or which can be accessed by means of search engines or third-party links to our website.

Use of the website by minors

Even though the website is not intended for minors, they are allowed to access it. However, if a minor wishes to ask us for information, s/he may only do so themselves if s/he are over 14 years old. In the case of children under 14, the person holding their parental authority, their legal guardian or legal representative shall do so, with the latter authorising on behalf of the minor the treatment of the child's personal data by the company. Therefore, those persons who are in charge of minors shall assume the sole responsibility for determining which services and content of this website are appropriate for the age of the minors in their charge.

ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A. does not assume any liability of minors of the aforementioned age who provide us with their personal data and are thus in breach of these obligations.

Links from other websites to

Any person or entity that wishes to create or creates a “hyperlink” from a website outside the control of ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A. to any of the website shall comply with the following conditions

None of the services or content of may be reproduced either totally or partially.

No false, inaccurate or incorrect statement about the or about its services or content shall be included.

The establishing of the “hyperlink” shall not imply that relations exist between ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A and the owner of the website or of the portal from which the link is set, nor that ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A is aware of and accepts the services and content offered on that portal.

ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A. no será responsable de los contenidos o servicios puestos a disposición del público en la página web o portal desde el cual se realice el "hiperenlace" ni de las informaciones y manifestaciones incluidas en las mismas.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard disk or in the memory of the computer when the user accesses or visits the pages of certain websites, so that the user’s preferences are known when they re-connect. The cookies stored on the user’s hard dish cannot read the data contained on it, access personal information or read the cookies created by other suppliers./p>

See information on the coolies used on this website in the “Cookies Policy" section.

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

The activity through the website is subject to the applicable Spanish legislation in force.

The parties hereby expressly agree to submit any dispute or conflict that results between ACEROS INOXIDABLES OLARRA, S.A and the users of the website to the Courts and Tribunals of Spain, specifically those of the city of Bilbao, and expressly waive any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled.


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