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"Quality, our note of distinction"  


At the service of our customers

The satisfaction obtained by our customers and their end users from OLARRA stainless steel is a matter of pride to us, and makes us work hard to improve the performance of our steel.

From the beginning of design of the chemical composition and heat treatment of steel, down to the verification of its final characteristics through a complete battery of laboratory tests, our work aims to meet the requirements specified by each particular customer.

This pays off in customer satisfaction and has enabled OLARRA to become an essential supplier in the most demanding industries, including chemicals, petrochemicals, hospitals, household appliances, ship building and many more.

A leader company in stainless steel

Thanks to its quality and flexibility, OLARRA is a leading long-product producer in its home market and one of the foremost producers world-wide, where our Company enjoys an excellent reputation in major international markets. Today, 90% of our products are consumed in the most developed countries of Western Europe (including Germany, Italy, Great Britain, France and Sweden), as well as Japan and Canada.


Professional service

During each step of the process, the OLARRA team monitors the product, following it from the moment the order is received and studied, down to the final product verification and delivery to the customer. Furthermore, they provide a professional service that guarantees our customers will receive on time a high quality product adapted to their needs and requirements. This is the service standard that makes OLARRA a pleasure to work with and a reliable supplier of stainless steel.


Continuous process control

Throughout the process, our control systems assure top product quality. Our automatic installations, controlled by expert professionals, guarantee continuous monitoring of the parameters affecting product quality.

Steel refining in the AOD converter and solidification during the horizontal continuous casting process are carefully checked to ensure the best grade of steel. Bar heating in the hot-rolling mill and heat treatments are all carefully monitored and recorded continuously to ensure that the steel meets the mechanical characteristics specified. Finally, a laboratory equipped with all the most modern analysis and test equipment certifies the quality of the product throughout the entire process.


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